Event Photography
Stephen Hyde is a London based event photographer who specialises in all aspects of event photography. When looking for event photographers, you should seek a photographer with both the technical know-how and equipment to capture your event at its best. With the very latest equipment and an array of highly technical lenses, Stephen can deliver event photography which will truly capture the spirit and atmosphere of the occasion. But over and above technical ability, an event photographer needs highly tuned interpersonal skills. Balancing the need to ‘get the shots’ with an understanding that the photographer should stay in the background as much as possible is something which is second nature to Stephen.
Through a combination of a strong vision and good interpersonal skills all mediated through the finest lenses and the latest equipment, Stephen has established an enviable reputation as an event photographer. With photo shoots under his belt from his native London through to Cape Verde and the Seychelles, Stephen is able to undertake photo-shoots from the small to the large. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you are looking for outstanding event photography.